Thursday, 4 August 2011


well, after a one week vacation and other local activities to steal my attention, i'm surprised to find myself doing well with the reading challenge. at least 30 minutes a day is going well. often, more than that. i'm thinking the books i'm picking have something to do with that (nope, still can't tackle that Mr. Rogers' book on "Going To The Potty").

my turn to read "Packing for Mars" and it's a delightful read. full of interesting scientific stuff, but not remotely presented in a scientific way. not to say the author is making shit up, but she writes like she wants the average Jill or Joe on the street to understand it. very fun.

the sleep? not so good. some of the activities have kept me up long past my 11pm target. sleep, when it comes, has often been sparse and unsatisfying. part of that was due to overuse of muscles (walking, standing, dancing) which decided to punish me back by waking me in the middle of the night to clench up. whee.

but, all in all, i'm feeling really good about this challenge. and, as Bob said in a comment on an earlier post, that's what this should all be about, yes?

¿Otra vez?

Estaba hablando con una amiga esta noche sobre esta proyecto. Creo lo ha sido un éxito hasta ahora. Y quiero hacerlo otra vez cuando vamos a terminar los triente diás.

¿Qué pensáis?

Yo sé que no todas las personas han escrito todos las diás (nunca eso que era un requisito) pero creo que todos los que empezó ha estado pensando en sus objetivos para las últimas tres semanas, si están o no realmente los haciendo. Y eso es un GRAN paso.

Cómo habríais que modificar vos metas? Hiciereis algo más de 30 días en lugar de todos los días durante 30 días?

¿Qué habéis aprendido?

Mi pregunta: ¿Lo harías de nuevo?

Yo estaría gustado de monitor (o comenzar uno nuevo) este blog por otros 30 días cuando terminemos.

Cualquiera de juego para la Ronda 2?


I was talking with a friend tonight about this project. I think it has been a success so far. I want to do again when we finish the thirty days.

What do you think?

I know that not all people have written all the days (it was never a requirement) but I think everyone who began has been thinking about their objectives for the past three weeks, whether they are actually doing them or not. And that's a HUGE step.

How you you would have changed goals? Do them just over 30 days instead of every day for 30 days?

What have you learned?

My question: Would you do it again?

I would be happy to monitor this (or start a new) blog for another 30 days when we finish.

Anyone game for Round 2?

No progress...

I completely fell off the wagon. Epic fail, really. I had all of those kids at our house, then I went camping for a weekend with my son, and then I went to Cedar Point for a day and got home at 1:00am, and then I have been in Michigan with my parents, whom I do not see enough, and now I'm heading back to home in Ohio where we'll have 25 houseguests, with the first family arriving tonight at midnight, which should be about 30 minutes after I finish my 3.5 hour drive.

All just excuses that I should have worked around, but didn't. I'm hoping to get back into next Monday when everyone leaves our house and my daughter goes to gymnastics camp every day. *sigh*

Day 24 - Balloons

Run Mitzi Run

Yesterday's walk ended up being not exactly seaside, but there was water nearby - in a swimming pool in a local park. From the train station, myself and Uiver walked to a music show happening at a fun, warehouse-type venue. This was in a groovy, inner-city residential area where I lived as an undergraduate and also later on during the year of my Diploma of Education.

We walked about 15 minutes to the venue, got our wrists stamped and had plenty of time up our sleeves. The doorman pointed us towards the nearest pub but we were in more of a dessert mood. Thus, a further 20 minute walk up the hill necessitated some relaxing sit-down time at a very tasty gelateria. The sesame gelato turned out to be utterly scrumptious, more tasty than the chocolate. We walked off our dessert back down the hill and swayed on our few for a couple of hours to some fantastic indie rock.

Today I redressed the exercise balance and ran a solid 3 Ks. My good friend is visiting Sydney this weekend. She is in training for a 10Km run! I am going to help her out by joining her for a 7km practise jog. I feel a hell of a lot fitter than I did in the fortnight before the 30 Day project started, so I will be able to do 7km, even if it's hare rather than tortoise-style.

the daily wobbles 22 & 23

Bum! The nearest I got to water for 2 days was the water cooler in the notaire's office in Mandelieu. And, because of someone else's last minute wobbles, if our house exchange is going to go through it won't until next Monday at the earliest. One of those things I can't do anything about so I'm programming myself to switch off for the weekend.

My second step-daughter is over tomorrow (when I moved in with her dad I was 26 and she was 20 and it felt like we were generations aparts but now we're 47 and 53 we spend our time comparing wrinkles and drinking champagne) so that'll be a lovely distraction and will definitely keep me on track for the last lap of the daily swims.

Altibajos Emocionales. Feh.

Me desperté sintiéndome muy delgada hoy en día, pero ahora me siento gorda.

Y, he estado de mal humor durante los últimos dos días, muy estresado por ninguna razón real.

¿Me pregunto si estoy premenstrual?

Dicho esto, he tenido un día muy bueno (excepto que tomé una siesta en lugar de salir a correr por la tarde). Así es la vida.

Mi estudiante he querido para ir en el London Eye, por lo que fue nuestra clase de hoy. Excelllent. Ella está muy feliz y me puse a jugar turismo. Ganar ganar.

Necesito ocho o neuve horas de sueño. Consecutivo. No voy a occurir esta noche. Otra vez, Así es la vida.

Buenos noches.