Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 15 - Dear Yoga, I'm Back

Wow, epic fail.  I knew this challenge would be more difficult than the last one, but I never expected to skip three days in a row.  Or was it four?  I lost count.

I can't say what happened or why.  I don't know.  I think the trouble started when I decided not to post every day that I'd met my challenge.  I mean really, who wants to read, I did it again! every day?  And you know what?  That was the first day I didn't do yoga.  Then two more days followed (or was it three?).

But, I'm back.  This being Monday, and I'm feeling pretty decent, and trying hard again to do what I need to do everyday and not get discouraged (blah, blah, blah), I jumped back on the challenge bandwagon.  I did yoga and I'm here to blog about it. 

Which is your unfortunate fate.  It appears as if an important aspect of this challenge for me is to check in daily and say, I did it again!  Yippee, just what you want to read.

I think I need to go back and watch that TED video again.  I think I need a refresher course on why I'm doing this and to be inspired again.  I'm definitely not tired of the challenge, but maybe I've lost sight of why I wanted so badly to be a part of this.

Ok, hope everyone's challenges are going well.  Happy Monday!

Operation "Arm Flaps" - Week 2 Wrap Up

And we're still battling the bingo wings!

Did my first "exhaustion" test, and was a little disappointed, but will continue the program. 20 push ups, on my toes, reasonably good form, without resting. My first attempt, 2 weeks ago, was a puny 10, so there has been improvement. i shall be winning no bar bets just yet, however...

Circumference of Arm Flaps: 13 5/8" / 34 1/2 cm.

EXACTLY the same as last week (sigh). i knew it would be infinitesimal progress. But c'mon, i DID it this week, damn it!

Some lessons learned along the way...

- DON'T attempt push ups after backpacking adventure.

- DO attempt push ups earlier in the day.

- DON'T attempt push ups after getting hammered during a theater event.

- DO wait til the next morning and do it when you are hungover and have a terrible headache.

- DON'T skip your abdominal workouts just because you are tired, working longer days, have activities every evening that keep you out late, or are lazy and a slug...

- DO remember that you are accountable to your comrades out here in the blogosphere....

i give myself a C this week because i only did the abdominal work ONCE. Grrr....