Friday, 19 August 2011

Cryptically Mitzi Day 4 & 5

An uninvited headache and asthma got me all exhasuted and hypochondriacked last night, so my post is delayed to what is actually Day 5.

I'm off to the swimming pool shortly to continue my Round 1 Legacy of daily exercise. Yesterday I did my serious kilometres while listening to her highness Tina Fey reading Bossypants - memoir - into my jogging ears. She rocks. "Gay people are just as good and screaming at their hockey-playing kids as straight poeople" (or something to that effect, and other gems.)

Matters Arising

* duck-bill is definitely (4-4)
*I have been going over the limit of 3 where possible.

Wed 17.8

Q 1A Some fakery in hte building trades? (3-2, 3)
A Put-up job

Q 11A It fixes tooth holder (3)
A gum

Q 29A steer and span two universities (8)
A oxbridge

Those were achieved without extra assistance.
Extra assistance are like "second tier" recognitions (guesses) when you have a letter or two provided by a previous answer.


Q17D Storage for driver's mittens (5-3)
A glove-box

20 A What causes reaction making everything sort of green? (8)
A Allergen

This next one was my EUREAKA moment.

Q 13d Relative destruction of nice dangers (5-5)
A grand-niece

which led to ...

Q 21d Smiled when rending another way (7)
A grinned

A lot of these depend on anagrams, as I am learning. Then, there are the harder logical leaps to make.

So that's about 7 clues over two days. I have attempted four clues from today's cryptic and will view the results later on in today's paper.

I think my challenge is working well, perhaps too well. I return far too feverish with excitment to my comfy chair for cryptical conundra.

Q too comfortable beneath when glass is shattered
A ass