Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Stinkin' Hot

where i live, we're in the grip of a nasty spell of hot temperatures, high humidity, and generally miserable weather.

but, comma, that has made it beneficial to wander to the nearby pool in my complex and luxuriate in the waters there. when there haven't been idiot kids...okay, and a few adults...splashing about without regard to me on the side of the pool, i find it wonderful to soak and read at the same time. as such, i'm getting in more than the 30 minutes of the challenge, just because it's relaxing and cool.

the organize/purge? meh. i'm counting it, but the last couple days, my time set aside for that challenge task has been at work. part of that is work avoidance, but part is also that my filing system, both at work and at home, is the archaeological method. the date of any document needed defines how deeply i have to dig into the piles on my desk. pickaxes, miner lights, and, often, dynamite are necessary tools to accomplish this task. so, i'm trying to alleviate that in my organize/purge.

the sleep? [sigh] i am getting to bed on work nights by the proscribed 11pm, but having difficulty getting a full 7 hours of sleep. my body is still used to the 5-1/2 to 6 hours i'd been getting, so i find myself waking earlier than i had been and still getting not much more than 6 hours. a work in progress.

onward to today's reading...

Another point of view...

When i posted that i'm taking on the 30-day challenge, and my "challenge" is to read for 30 minutes and sleep an extra hour a day, i got the following comment from a friend:

"so this is a thinly veiled brag that your life is already so exciting that to try something "new", youre going to read and go to bed early. damn you."


But i'm doing quite well with the sleep! Holidays are perfect for that... snoozing an easy 7+ hours a night, along with a 2 hour siesta mid-day. The reading continues, but given the choice, i'd rather sleep.

Juicy scene. No context. First draft.

SEAN: What sort of comfort is that for me? What good is that to me? Simon: I'm going to die. Your scientific predictions about the planet are no use to me, because I'm not going to be on it.
THE MASTER: I'm sorry, but the world doesn't care about that.
SEAN: But I care. Everything I have is being taken away from me. Faces, one by one. The people I knew. The work I've done.
THE MASTER: That's the only kind of immortality I can offer you. Your work will live on.
SEAN: Yeah. In a paper with his name on it!
ANDREW: Sean... I acknowledged your contribution.
SEAN takes a piece of paper out of his pocket. This is your paper. It's garnered over a thousand citations. It might yet be the best thing you do. Here's the first equation. It's mine. Here's the derivation. All this is mine. I wrote it down for you after our conversation in the pub at Newmarket. You thanked me in a footnote.
THE MASTER: You are saying things you can't go back on.
ANDREW: Sean. You're tired and you're not thinking straight.
SEAN: Because I haven't got the calculus of forces right? Because I'm going to be off the scene soon, so why should it matter? You stole my work.
ANDREW: You need to forget about this.
JACOB: Dad...
SARAH: Shut up.
You stole something from me.
JACOB: Dad, did you...
SARAH: Jacob: be quiet.
Andrew becomes aware of Jacob's presence.
ANDREW: Newmarket, was it, Sean?
Long pause.
Well, you stole something from me.

Day 8 - Christmas in July

Here's today's photo...

Tan. Muy. Cansado.

Estoy tan cansado. ¿Hay alguna palabra más fuerte que 'tan'? Si es así, entonces eso es lo que estoy.

Martes por la noche está siempre ocupado para mí. El curso en línea que yo enseño tiene módulos semanales. Cada nueva semana comienza la noche del martes / miércoles por la mañana a la medianoche. Y siempre hay un poco de trabajo por hacer para que esté listo para ser lanzado.

Claro, yo podría hacer ese trabajo el fin de semana, pero por lo general hay otras cosas que hacer - y yo tenía un divertido fin de semana. Así que estoy pagando por mis pecados esta noche.

Además, tenía esta noche la clase de español (estoy feliz de poder decir que el Sr. Zapatos todavía está allí, junto con otro tío guapo que bien podría ser su novio, awww. Es más de un bar gay de una aula).

Y, mi entrenador (me encanta) regresó de sus vacaciones esta semana y establecer nuevos objetivos para la parte 2 de mi "transformación" — otra ocho semanas, por lo menos. Luego se procedió a la patada en mi culo. En una buena manera. Yo pienso.

En cualquier caso, estoy hecho polvo.

Hay mucho más trabajo que hacer para el curso que estoy escribiendo, pero Bobby necesita dormir.