Friday, 26 August 2011

It Takes Time

well, i'm off to a slow start in reconnecting with 30 people. i'll be making excuses and giving reasons. they're more for my benefit than trying to convince you.

so, here we are...what?...10 days into this challenge? so, theoretically, i should have reconnected with 10 people. okay, how about 5? and you may challenge me on one of those, but i'm counting it.

after two years away in the Peace Corps, my Girl Child has returned from South Africa. admittedly, i spoke with her on the phone fairly often (it was a tad expensive dialing halfway across the world...go figure) and e-mailed on occasion (e- service was sporadic and expensive where she was). but, since her return this past Friday, i've considered this to be a major reconnect in my life. she's actually here in person!

the others? a couple friends from years past. and a couple friends from not to long past (though i'd felt i'd really lost track of them...and them, me).

so, i'm going to have to kick it up.

and will do so just as soon as Daughter Person leaves here to begin her life in another state (this weekend? boo!!).