Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 9 - Butt Kicking Yoga

AM Yoga accomplished!  But boy was I low on energy.  I couldn't get through the whole thing without stopping to rest.  There's a whole downward dog into plank into cobra into downward dog segment I can't get through anyway, but today was worse than usual.  Then there was my favorite section that I usually love but today couldn't get through without taking a break.  The nice thing about doing this at home and alone is that no one sees my cheats and rests (but of course I have to out myself here-- geesh, when will I learn? lol) 

Ok, on with the day (with an eye toward PM Yoga before bed, because it's much easier and feels good).

Day 8 - Tight Yoga

Whew.  I didn't realize how tense and tight I was until I did yoga tonight.  My muscles hurt through most of it, until finally I got stretched out and relaxed.  I'm really glad now that I did it.

I have four yoga videos, but only use two of them on a regular basis-- AM and PM.  The AM is supposed to wake you up in the morning.  It's much more vigorous than the PM, which is mostly stretching and relaxing in preparation for sleep.  I'm going to try hard to do AM tomorrow since it seems like I really need to work out the tightness in my muscles more than I am.  Lots of stress and pressure around here, and the yoga helps a lot; but it's funny because I don't notice how tense I am until I'm actually doing yoga.  It's not like I ever say, gee, I'm stressed and tight, I should do yoga.  Frankly, if it weren't for this challenge I probably wouldn't be doing it at all.  Good thing I picked this for the challenge, huh?  Well, that's what I'm thinking anyway.

Ok, all for now. Namaste.

I did it again!

I ran another 5K this morning. It was only barely 12 hours after my previous 5K, but I needed to get it in before heading off to the Children's Museum in Cincinnati for the day.

It was a good run. I took 5 minutes off of my time (which should tell you how slowly I was running before), and could probably have gone faster. I'm starting to feel more tenderness on the soles of my feet, so we'll see how that goes.

I watched "Make It or Break It", which I always find inspiring and fun. Yes, I prefer to watch teenage drama television.

Now, it is 10:36pm, 6 minutes past my previous goal of getting to bed by 10:30. I'm glad I gave that one up! This one is better for me, anyway. And more attainable. Sleep is such an inconvenience!

Mitzicryptic Day 8

Q Two Days off sound like a feeble goal (7)
A weekend

Q Canberra finds the cash (7)
A capital

(NB Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It's alright, I keep forgetting too.)

Not sure about this one:
Q Drum that got a good run in France (5)
A snare? (the word "ran" is backwards in 'snare')

Those 2 from the mini, and here's a dreaded clue from the Monday Omega:

Q Tool used to get rid of workers you no longer need (3)
A Axe

Time to hide the crossword book and get back to real work!