Monday, 25 July 2011

the daily swim 14

Jelly fish. Les meduses. Not that I've actually seen any but I've met people who have. And I've seen people staring at them in the sea. They are, depending on who you speak to, brown and speckled, white and clear, the size of a fist, the size of a big marshmallow. Whatever, everyone agrees that they sting.

The water is warm. Today I played valleyball, which is knocking a white football back and forth in the sea with a 7 year old who misread 'volley'.

Chugging along....

The 30 Day Challenge train chugs merrily forward! While in NYC, i finished my first book - slow and steady progress, and generaly nailing the 30 minutes/day goal. Flying into Chicago yesterday for the next part of the holiday, i dug into "Under the Banner of Heaven", by Jon Krakauer...

The sleep portion of the game is generally going pretty well! Still averaging 7 hours/night, but augmenting that with 2 hour daily siestas. i will be loathe to give up the afternoon naps when i am back at my desk.

i did have one night of interrupted sleep - that pesky 4am call regarding a family situation that was guaranteed to keep me awake the remainder of the night. But all is momentarily resolved... and i can sleep again.

i hope...

Day 14 - Yet Another Flower

As dull as it is around here, there's not much to take photos of.  Another walk uptown this morning.  Another flower. 

Going Posh with Mitzi

Seaside strolls has morphed entirely into Treadmill Thrills. I leapt aboard this avo with thirty minutes of spare energy, and it sizzle out of my pores in true toxins-ran-out-of-town-by-the-sherrif fashion. Goodbye, tension, stress and ick. Hello, happy zings, endorphins and squeaks.

Today's sweat soundtrack was a podcast of the Dave Gorman session on Absolute Radio (UK). Dave Gorman deserves much acclaim for his gentlemanly humour and fireside charm. Together with co-presenters Danielle Ward and Martin White, the show is side-splittingly funny, including contributions from twitter and facebook fans. The topic for listener interraction was "going posh" one listener considers garden peas more posh than mushy peas; another considered that calling your parents "Mummy" or "Daddy" when you're 35 or older is completely posh. Posh (swanky, classy, upper crust) stood for Port Outward, Starboard Home (from the days of ships and sea travel, indicating the best class of cabin location aboard ship.) See? My day's jog did have a connection to the sea. A posh one.

¿Jugar a un juego?

Estaba listo para acostarse cuando recordé que no he escrito mi español por hoy. 

Estoy cansado, por lo tanto, esta voy a ser corto.

“Castle” fue en el televisión esta noche. Hace mucho tiempo, trabajé con (no de cerca) una de sus estrellas, Nathan Filion.  No conozco muchas famosas, pero he conocido a algunos en mis días.  Le gente juega “seis grados de Kevin Bacon” — ¿Por qué no jugamos seis grados de Bob?

En los comentarios, dame una celebridad del cine o la televisión, y vamos a ver cuántos grados soy de ellos.

Yo puedo hacer esto en Inglés o Español ... su elección.

Mañana, voy a escribir una entrada adecuado.