Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 25 - Fire Hydrant

the daily swim 24

  • a toddler throws a small red truck into the shallows
  • a white volley ball against a blue sky
  • a woman on two lilos, placed at right angles to each other
A few things that I noticed straight away when I walked into the sea. Then afterwards, while I was lying on my towel and scribbling in my note book, I looked up to see a man leaning over me, dripping with sea water and smiling, and I wondered if he realised I was British and he was going to ask me a question, although there was something familiar about his face. And then I realised how familiar he was, 26 years familiar. It was my Man.

Did I jump! How can that happen? How can you look at someone you know and in that instant not know them? It was nice to lie on the beach together for half an hour and chat. It felt like a date.