Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bright lights, big city, ton of books...

Managed to hit both the reading goal and the sleeping goal yesterday... And am now lying on the floor of a borrowed NYC flat, bootlegging wireless, while my travel mate for the next two weeks, nursemyra, stretches her long legs!

We've traveled together before, and we both love to read on holiday. Suitcases full of books. We'll have no trouble getting in the reading time! The 7 hours sleep, may be more of a challenge...

the daily swim 6

Strange weather today but I managed to get the swim in before the black sky broke into a rainstorm... and I even managed to drag my houseguest down to the beach with me, despite his earlier protestations that he hated 'getting naked in public'. I don't think going for a swim in trunks actually constitutes 'getting naked in public'. Stripping off down to your nail varnish at the bus-stop - that's getting naked in public. But I do empathise with people's inhibitions and fears - I've had enough of my own over the years but have tried, gradually, to dump as many as I can. And once we were on the beach and in the water he forgot all about feeling uncomfortable and started to enjoy himself.

A good day for both of us.

Day 6 - Not Just a Dog

Took this one with my cell phone.

This is my dog Oliver.  He hates getting his picture taken.  Although I guess he kinda, sorta looks like he's smiling.  But I doubt it.  More likely he's saying, "Give me back my bone Mom, I was chewing on that."

Day 5 - Uh, oops?

Hi Everyone. 

I have no excuses for missing/skipping yesterday.  Just doing other things I guess. 

I still can't get my card reader to work.  I'm going to have to switch to using my cell phone to take pictures.  This is not a favorable proposition as far as I'm concerned, but it's all I have to work with until I can figure out this (mind boggling) technology stuff. 


Mitzi G By the Sea Day 7

Joggers, fishermen, fashionistas and ice-skaters! So much to see by the sea today. My seaside stroll began at Tamarama, went south to Bronte and back north to Bondi.

Temporarily abandoned fishing poles at Bronte:

I enjoyed people-watching, and drinking in the views of the vast ocean. I scanned the horizon for whales' tales as so many are being sighted this winter.

Instead, I saw this "shag on a rock":

Lastly, there was a "winter magic" festival at Bondi Beach which involved an ice rink for skating, bad yodelling music and Bavarian sausages and "alpine" kitsch. It is a bit too painful to write about any further, but it was fun seeing people enjoy themselves, even when they fell over flat on the ass. There were lots of soggy bottoms as the ice was beginning to melt.