Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cryptically Mitzi, Day 3

Matters Arising:
Following some consultation with Parental Unit-M, I have revised some answers to Omega cryptic clues.
Now, "Youngster's Horses (3-4)" is not cryptic but I would never have known this. Apparently Uiver knew the phrase all along, and I'm foolishing for not asking him. The answer? Gee-gees. Weird. Ancient cockney or Aussie slang?
I also revised "identity nucleus if a neat plan" - the answer is IDEA based on gee-gees.

Just checked another answer from the Monday mini-cryptic. "Repossess" was correct for "what the devil may do if you don't pay the exorcist".

From the Tuesday mini-cryptic, I attempted 5 but I believe I only got three right.

Q Remove old North Brit in sketch (6)
A Scotch

Q Affirmative Returning after family doctor involved in sex research (6)
A Kinsey
(the "yes" of affirmative is "reversed" - clever, ha?)

Q Avoid invoice for monotreme (4-3)
A duck-bill

Ba-bowm. I got two out of three. My error was in the old North Brit.
the answer is DEPICT. That was very tricky. I was thinking of the slang term "scotch a plan".

Despite the 2 out of 3 success rate, I am getting a little addicted to the cryptic challenge. I am toddling through the Wednesday cryptic and looking forward to the solutions tomorrow. Major geek attack from within responds sharply (3): eek!

Day 3 Down Under

OK...I have done my 30 minutes each day, with some extra time last night. At this stage I've screwed the tension right back to as loose as I can get it. Well, I have not ridden a bike in years and do NOT want to do a cruciate ligament or something. So, baby steps.
I hope that by day 30 I'll be pushing harder.

For the record - biceps toning is not my (current) goal, but Daisy Fae seems to think she's cornered that market so this should make her feel better: 13" or 33cms. On a hill, with a following wind, I could save an air fare!

And my cryptic clues, from the Saturday Australian
Q      A Liberal meeting fellow in recess.   6
A       Alcove

Q       At home? The opposite, to some extent.  2, 1, 3
A      In a way

Q     Listener's fine arts section  3
A     Ear

Oh dear! I've just seen the fine print: solution on Monday

I assumed the solution would be next Saturday, so now I'll have to scratch around for a copy of Monday's paper. Are we having fun yet...

Day 2 - Yoga, Blah

I woke up this morning tired and not feeling well so I skipped the non-essentials of my morning routine including yoga.  As the day wore on I began to feel a little better, but still waffled about whether or not to do yoga today or skip it. 

It is night now, nearly time for bed, and I guess my conscience got the better of me because I just finished up with my yoga routine.

I did a different routine than I usually do.  The one I did today is a lot more floor stretching than my morning routine-- a good thing because my balance is especially bad today; I nearly fell over! 

So day two accomplished, though I can't say I feel particularly proud or happy for that fact.  I guess I'm just in a grumpy mood because I don't feel well.  I'm all relaxed now from the stretching so hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep and wake up tomorrow both feeling better and with a better attitude.

Good night all.  Namaste.

Reading & Riding: Day Two

Day 2 complete. So what's the protocol here. Do people check in every day? I mean, I expect to run out of anything even remotely interesting to say by about, oh, day four, if not sooner.

Yesterday I had a mistake on the calorie burn. Should have been 162. Like y'all care. But I'm tracking it anyway.

Day 2
Weight: 232.6
Distance: 4.06 miles
Calories: 178

For those keeping score at home, everything went up, including weight. But I know enough to not get hung up on day-to-day weight. Well, unless it goes down.

I may still be in the honeymoon phase here, but I'm liking this. I'm already plotting and scheming for what I'm going to do for my next 30 day challenge.

But then I always tend to put the cart before the goose who lays the golden fleece after the barn door is closed.