Thursday, 14 July 2011

'I want to get away.. I wanna fly away'

Inspired by a Lenny Kravitz song -
Hope you like it!
See you tomorrow.

Photo organization continues - June, 2011

I've spent another two hours on photos today. I managed to sort out all of the "best or most representative" photos from June, except for our week long family vacation. That's a project in and of itself.

I also sent photos to a few people, which is one of the goals of this project. Other goals include updating the photos on my digital frame (and my mom's and my aunt's), making farewell photo gifts for a few friends, and setting up a good backup system.

This is going great! I'm still overwhelmed, but I can see that progress is being made, and I'm heartened by how many more days I get to dedicate 30 minutes to this project.

Oh, just to spice up this boring post, here's one of my favorite photos from the month, of my daughter in a rare moment of contemplation.

Mitzi By the Sea, Day 4

Braving awfully brisk winds sent express from Antarctica, I motored down to the seaside and leapt aboard the unmoving footway. I have enjoyed listened to music during my walks, lately tuning into concerts via podcasts from NPR (American) radio. Today I listened to a beautiful set by the singer Sharon Van Ettens. Melodious, whimsical and just a tiny bit emotionally tortured, her songs are singable and sweet. I followed this up with an unsteady but heartfelt set by Steve Earle and then the ever-divine Sam Beam of Iron and Wine fame.

Every walk I have been edging further south towards the pretty beach in the distance. I'll get there eventually. You can see a parasailing thinge on the far right. Once I had my beanie down to my eyebrows, scarf up to my nose and warm jacket firmly zipped, the shrill winds were no match for the delicious sunshine. 

Day 2 - Water Droplets

This is a picture of a squash I cut for my supper.  After the squash sat for a few minutes little water droplets formed on the cut side.  I thought they looked interesting, and rather pretty.