Thursday, 15 September 2011


Well, not  a bad slacker, just a busy person, really.
Some days I don't manage more than 20 minutes. That said, when things get hectic I am usually walking at a brisk pace from A to B and back. Several times.

And I did get this bike for times when I can't get out to walk. All the same, I did set 30 minutes a day as my challenge and I hope doing extra  when I can makes up for the short bits?

Is this 30 day challenge going to continue? If so, I think I'll settle for something more doable! Well, even if all you challengers  are quitting after this I'll still set myself a goal! As well as daily pedaling.

Anyway, we're not at the end of this one yet so I'm going to have 30 minutes on my bike (indoors) while I watch some aerial footage of Provence on the time-waster.