Saturday, 30 July 2011

the daily swim 19

No problems today either - lovely weather obviously helps a lot. But the jellyfish issue is still a problem - they seem to like drifting in our bay. As I was swimming today a man waded past me towards the shore thrashing his arms in front of him like scythes. 'Les meduses?' I said. And when he looked blank, 'Jellyfish.' Ah oui,' he said,' c'etait l'accent.' So the way I say 'les meduses' is so weird it's harder to understand than the english 'jellyfish'? Merde. That's 'shit' for any french people reading.

First Double Fail!

The re-entry process after a two week holiday can be stressful. Even more so when your poor, abandoned, slobber-hound decides that the perfect "Welcome Home" present is to leave his version of a Jackson Pollak on your bedroom carpet.

Let's not discuss his chosen medium, ok?

Plenty of reading and sleep on Thursday - my travel day. Yesterday? Ugh.

Returned to work. Returned to stress. Returned to heat and humidity. Returned to frustrations galore...

Oh, and returned just in time to hit my favorite summer event - a three day Celtic festival. Which meant i was out the door by 5:00 pm, and drinking a cold brew by 5:30. And dancing, and singing, and eating all manner of stick-based meat products.

The 30 minutes of reading didn't happen yesterday. In bed by midnight, but tossed and turned, and didn't get anywhere near 7 hours of good sleep, before waking up to get on with the chores of the day at 7:30 am.

Today? Will be better. Although i'm back to the festival today... and likely going to the musicians "after-party". Which starts at 11pm. Which should be a blast... Better get my reading done... Sleep? Meh. Might be over-rated in some circumstances!

mucho ruido y pocas nueces

Tengo dos tarjetas importantes en mi cartera: uno es un reloj para mi oficina, y la otra es mi Oyster (el sitio oficial no está abriendo). Normalmente, no los tengo que sacar de mi cartera, yo simplemente toca me cartera en la máquina.

He acabo de intentar usar mi cartera para abrir mi puerta principal. No funciona.

Un hermosa día en Londres. ¡Espectacular!

Me ecantaría escribir mucho más, pero tengo que correr (¿¿¿sin camiseta???) y entonces yo tengo una entrada por ver “Much Ado” con David Tennant (¡hurrah!) and Catherine Tate (bostezo). ¿Por qúe no David Tennant y Eve Best (ella está en la misma obra al Teatro Globe ahora ... eso sería increíble.

La obra es agotado, y una de mis estudiantes me llamó ayer porque ella tiene una entrada y no puede usarlo. Soy buy afortunado.

Day 19 - One Armed Monster