Saturday, 10 September 2011

Looking back, and thinking ahead

Yesterday was one of those days where riding the bike was just not going to happen. Even the satisfaction of the ride and the promise of a little reading time aren't enough to overcome the kind of day I had yesterday.

Four hours of sleep. Getting up and getting the kids off to school. My daughter gets on the bus at 6:15 and my son gets on at 6:30. They are 8 years old. Brutal.

Got to work by 7:15. Commented to a co-worker how things had been pretty quiet. Then right after lunch I got sucked into a major problem. I was on the phone until 8:00pm. Got home a little before 9. Savage headache.

I forgot to even eat dinner. I stared at the computer for maybe an hour before collapsing into bed.

But it was okay. I just got right back on the horse bike today without hesitation. And beat both my calorie and distance marks. To me, it means I'm really on board at this point. It's no longer a "challenge". It's just something I do. It's part of my day.

I've got a 5k coming up in October, for the Autism Society of North Carolina. (Obligatory link to donations page.) I've never done a 5k before. Never anything even remotely close. I'm a couch potato by trade. With a non-bionic foot that may not be ready for running. But at least I can walk in with the confidence that I'm not totally out of shape.


No Cigar

but i was close! i had these grand ideas of reconnecting with lost friends and family. somehow, though, life just had a tendency to roll over me. delightfully so, with trips and festivals and hiking and theater and this and that and the other (guess i ran out of commas and had to use "and").

still, comma, i made pretty good progress. not to any great depth of reconnection. i've not found myself spending hours a day conversing with long lost family and friends. but, i have reached out and e-mail or voicemail. my goal was 30 people. if i count some folks i will reconnect with on a scuba adventure i leave for in...CRAP!...7 hours from now (and not in the least sleepy!)...then i will surely get close to my goal of 30 reconnects.

i've been joining along with daisyfae in doing the pushup thing, with success, though not in Arnold Schwarnegger-ian proportions. i've also been cognizant of, if not strictly keeping to, my old goal of an earlier bedtime and a 7 hour sleep. next 30 days? no clue.

and an apology for dropping off the grid and not supporting my fellow 30-day-ers. i know i appreciate your bon mots and optimistic support.

but, must toddle off for now. that OCD fifth repacking of the suitcase is in order...