Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I have been cleaning and decluttering all day, while watching three of my neighbors' four kids while their moving truck packs up their belongings to move to Texas (*sob*). I'm going to sit down for a minute, even though my kitchen island is still a mess, so I can take a break and do some photo organization.

I signed up for a trial of Carbonite to solve my backup issues. For $50 a year, it will provide me with an offsite backup of all of my files in case my laptop gets stolen or lost or whatever. Yes, I could do it myself with a USB hard drive, but I've tried that a bunch of times and I have trouble keeping up with it, and I really don't trust it. And if the house burns down, then where am I? Anyway, so Carbonite is uploading my 125GB of files right now. It should only take about 30 days. Ha!

En el que obtener ayuda gratuita ...

Mi estudiante estuvo tarde hoy porque ella (y su maestra de su clase de la mañana) fueron caminando al recinto olímpico.

Quiero ir. 

Creo que será interesante de ver las cosas ahora y luego otra vez en un año cuando vayamos  a la inauguración de la ceremoniero. Oh, ¿le he dicho que tenemos las entradas para la inauguración de la ceremoniero? ¡Qué suerte!.


Una de las señoras de la limpieza aquí en la escuela, que me encanta – practico hablar español con ella un poco cada día, ella debe enseñar – acaba de llegar a mi clase y vio que yo estaba escribiendo en español.

Ella corregido por completo mi trabajo (muy útil) y ahora ella quiere hacerme unas cócteles de Perú para mi cumpleaños.


Day 16

And now my computer doesn't want to read my cell phone memory card.  I'm too annoyed to mess around with it anymore.

Photo snapped for the day, mission accomplished, but it won't be posted here.  We'll try again tomorrow.


the daily swim 15

Hey - half way through. Last night's swim was under a cloudy sky with Oliver, 7-year-old grandson, who said he didn't need my help as we swam out of his depth but within 30 seconds was gurgling, 'I think I need help.'

Today's swim is likely to be postponed as the morning started with a thunderclap that nearly turned the cat inside out and the rain is not letting up.

As much as I like, for the most part, my inherited grandchildren and my nieces and nephews, and great niece and nephew, I remain pleased that I didn't have my own kids. One, it is mind numbingly boring having to tell someone what to do all the time. Two, they don't come equipped with on/off switches. And three, I would be in prison by now for having have sold one, or given one away, before they were 5.

Gone off the subject there, although keeping my head above water might be an apt metaphor for living with a kid for a week.

Mitzi's Day Off-Course

Today I ran up and down hills chasing the Niecelette.

There was no treadmill beneath the feet and the nearest waterway was a duck pond and a curious, odd water drainage system for the system of ponds in the park.

Technically today was a day off, as I began the day with some solid writing and Niece Duty got the rest of my daylight waking hours.

My collection of sports bras is drip-drying, but you probably didn't need to know that. Any kind of sport or exercise is impossible without the appropriate hardware. With increased sporting activity, I have had to order a new super-bra from interstate. Them's the 30 day breaks.

Chicago relax

on holiday. that has tuned out to be a boon to both the sleep and book reading challenges. yep, i'm still doing lots of cool holiday stuff -- visiting places, meeting people, eating too much. but i've also been sleeping well and hitting that 7 hour goal (not to mention afternoon naps).

also, spare time in between holiday adventures has been spent reading. finished my third book, "World War Z", this afternoon. yay!! will be scrounging for a new read tomorrow.

the lesson learned here? take vacation the rest of this 30-day challenge and i'll hit my goals!

Una nueva proyecto despegue

Empezado enseñar una nueva clase en linea esta semana. No esta una cosa grande, pero hay dos cosas diferentes sobre eso.

1. Esta está la primera vez que esta clase ha estado enseña en mi escuela.

2. Lo he escrito -- y la escritura no lo he terminado.  ¿Como se dice, "yikes!"?

La clase va a estar cuatro semanas.  La semana segundo está casi completo. La semana tercera está bastante bueno — más o menos.

La última semana es ... así, yo debería estar trabajando en ello en lugar de trabajar en esto.