Saturday, 13 August 2011

The hopeless case!

Yes, there is always one. And I'm afraid the "one" is me!
I said I'd give up wine for one month. Then promptly fell off the wagon when a friend had a celebration ! *
So I thought I'd start again, but with a more achievable goal of sorting my photos.
And I did stick with it (still a long way to go, but it's doable), but I completely forgot to post reports here!
See? Hopeless case.
But Daisy Fae is game for another round and wants to trim her flaps. Not sure my shoulder could manage many push-ups, but I'll throw my hat in with this:
30 minutes a day on my exercise bike.

This is a new "toy" to keep me active when the wet season closes in and I can't walk. I still intend to walk and swim as often as possible, but the bike is now my daily challenge.
If I miss posting here I'm pretty sure Daisy Fae will holler at me!

* when lab tests come back clear it's a celebration.

Wrap up - photo organization...

Well, I was not impressed with my performance during the first 30 day challenge. I made my usual mistake and overachieved for the first ten days, then petered out. I probably managed to do an AVERAGE of 30 minutes a day of photo organizing, but the majority was in those first 10 days.

I loved updating here, and it did encourage me to sit down and work on a few days when I otherwise would have skipped the project. I like the accountability of it.

The most important accomplishment that came out of this project for me was setting up an online backup system, so I can finally feel that my precious photos will be preserved even if the house burns down. I would be devastated to lose those triggers for memories of my kids' childhoods.

I do want to try again, so I'll be back for the next challenge. I have some ideas, but I think they will be less accomplishment driven and more peace driven. Maybe more guitar, maybe more sleep, maybe more baths. Or maybe I'll start running again. Or maybe an alternate day sort of thing. My kids start school in 1.5 weeks, so I'll theoretically have more free time then, but Cub Scouts also starts up again, which can easily suck my life away if I'm not careful. We'll see. I need to preserve some time for myself.

I really really enjoyed reading everyone else's posts. I checked back every day even though I didn't participate every day. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the 30 days... it has been really interesting! I hope that you'll all be back for Round II, and that you'll bring friends!

30 Days - Scores and Highlights

Perpetually distracted, huge stacks of books on my night stands, yawning my way through meetings after driving to work on snooze-control.

i still have a bit of this going on, after my run at 30 days to more focused neurons and more sleep. But i'm better. Definitely better.

Finished three books - not a huge number, compared to what most bibliophiles devour in 30 days, but that is three more books than i'd read in any other month this year! Still have stacks of books on my night stands, but i will continue to poke my way through them.

Sleep, glorious sleep! Forcing myself to bed by 11pm has made that 6am alarm far more tolerable. Definitely had some days where it just didn't happen - but mostly due to a few cases of "Fun Happens!" keeping me up far too late. i will continue to target a solid night of Zzzzz's because i simply feel better when i do.

It's been a lovely exercise in communal accountability - and i'll be back for Round 2. i've genuninely enjoyed tracking the progress of other contributors, and any chance to spend time with my old friend bob? Priceless. Thank you for launching this project!