Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cleaning and organizing...

This weekend I have made major progress on the decluttering and cleaning of the house. Our master bedroom, formerly the repository of all things that need to be dealt with or organized, is now neat and tidy and clean. I filed away enough of the kids' artwork and school papers and recycled the rest. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff to be dealt with has ended up downstairs in the kitchen, but at least there I will be forced to deal with it NOW rather than putting it off forever.

I also cleaned our master bathroom. That involved taking all of the kids' toys out of the bathtub and surrounding area, and scrubbing away the hard water deposits on everything. Phew. I also scrubbed the baseboards and cleaned the floor.

Laundry, too!

Wow, these summer days when I don't fill the day with plans are really much more productive! I should try having more of them.

No photo organizing yet, though we did spend some time watching the Disney slideshow, so maybe that counts.

the daily swim 13

My swim timetable has changed. I was on the beach by 10.30 this morning: kids and leisurely late in the day swims don't mix. And I saw fish - little silver ones swimming about my legs. And a bird - like a smaller version of a cormorant, diving into the sea between people's bobbing heads and re-appearing a few yards away a minute or so later.

We've also bought a paddling pool - for 7-year-old beach relief. It's a biggie (6 ft by 2.5 feet) though I refuse to count a dip in that as a daily swim and will persevere with the beach. But now, after 13 days, it feels less like and effort and more like something I'm looking forward to.

Day 13 - Pretty Purple

Walking uptown this morning I found these pretty purple flowers.  The photo doesn't do them justice.

Mitzi and the Music

Today I was still out in the depths of the bush at Berowra Waters, a hidden away nook on the Hawkesbury River. Sleeping off a party in a riverside log cabin has its charm. Being beside the river I decided fulfilled half the protfolio of a Seaside stroll.

The best thing about my yesterday's jog, other than a serious endorphin high that lasted hours, was listening to the podcast of a live concert by Arizona band Calexico. Great music for a physical workout which I know sounds revoltingly healthy and an abuse of good music: however, I found myself arm-dancing and shaking invisible maraccas etc which I would hastily cease every few minutes, as there were other people in the gym. The day before I'd listened to a live concert by Fujiya and Miyagi. Great beats and ooph but less aiyaiyai.

A Challenge Dropped

...but it's not a bad thing. i'm leaving in about 10 hours to go on a vacation. that sort of makes my "spend 30 minutes a day organizing and purging stuff" a bit difficult to accomplish. now, i suppose i could volunteer in the back office of the hotel and do that, but i think they'd frown on that. so, i'm putting that challenge to rest. for now. as i've mentioned before, there will amazingly be yet another 30 days after this 30 days is done for me to pick up the challenge again. it's a good challenge. just would rather give it a full 30 days.

the sleep thing? will still look to get my 7 hours a night on vacation, even if it takes a nap...or three. yeah, still having that issue of going to bed earlier, but having my body clock still get me up after 5-1/2 to 6 hours. but, that's the essence of the change old habits. it will happen. i'm being patient.

and the reading? doing great. enjoying picking up reading again. i've finished my second book and am now reading "World War Z" - - a journalistic collection of interviews about the zombie war (you did hear about that, yes?). and this is top literature, mind you. for example, a line i read today is just literary gold - - "But instead [the monkey's] little penis popped out and he peed in my face." Pulitzer Prize, baby...

Day 12 - Me

I had to have a photo of myself for a writing site.  I avoid pictures of me at any cost.  I have very few, and most of them are with my dog in front of my face.  Anyway, if I want a writing gig I have to post a photo.  Ugh.  So, that's the one I took today.  And because you all must suffer through my photography, you get to be subjected to my mug. 

Photo organizing and a new goal...

New plan. I'm going to continue with my 30 minutes of photo organizing a day, but I will try to keep it down to just 30 minutes, instead of the hour or two that it has stretched to lately. Instead, I will also dedicate 30 minutes a day to decluttering/cleaning the house. We're having house guests in two weeks and I really would love to have a sparkling house by then!

Today I captioned our family vacation to summer camp. I'm not done yet, but I did put in 30 minutes, so I'm still on track.

Un buen día

Recién he llegado en casa de una barbacoa a la casa de mis amigos. Yo no tenía intención de permanecer siete horas, pero tuvimos un buen momento.

Pensamientos al azar …

  • “Eagle Eye” está en la televisíon. Es muy muy estupido.  Y no entiendo la atracción por Shia LeBeouf. El exceso de gritos y una trama ridícula. Debo apagarlo, pero es más importante de escribir que para navegar por un programa de televisión mejor.
  • Me encontré con el nuevo novio de mi amigo esta tarde. Él es adorable. Mi amigo y yo estábamos "haciendo que el coche estaba bien" (es decir, fumando un cigarrillo en frente de la casa mientras todos los demás en el jardín trasero) y me dijo, "es lo mejor que puede pasar a mí durante tanto tiempo como puedo recordar." Son hermosos juntos. Yo no podría estar más feliz por él.
  • Hemos estado yendo a la casa de C & I para un par de años. Es interesante que cuando empezamos a ir, la mayoría eran solteros. Hoy en día, casi todo el mundo, no … ¡todo el mundo! se hace en pareja. Fue muy agradable de ver.
  • Los niños estaban tan tímido cuando llegamos. Al final de la tarde, subían todos sobre mí (y todos los demás) y tenían el mejor momento de sus vidas. Y cuando llegó el momento de la cama, fuera de su marcha, sin quejas. Es un placer para pasar el rato con los niños que se han criado así.

Creo que acostarse temprano. Es decir, si la media noche es temprano.

Espero que todos ustedes están teniendo un buen fin de semana.