Friday, 29 July 2011

No tengo vergüenza. Nada.

Tengo que hacer una confesión.

Un placer culpable que yo encontré anoche.

Estaba buscando libros en español para leer en mi Kindle. Encontré unos pocos libros, escribía de un autor de EE UU (una mujer qui se gusta Oscar Wilde). Cada libro es solo acerca de £1. Muy barato.

Y, las historias son baratas también. Ellos son, más o menos, porno gay. Nada pesado. Son etiquetados como "romance erótico".

La escritura es horrible. ¡Atroz! No estoy seguro de si se trata de la traducción o la escritura original. Bueno, estoy bastante seguro de que yo sé la respuesta a eso, pero yo voy a dar el "novelista" el beneficio de la duda.

Entonces, la cosa buena es yo lo peudo entendir, por la mayor parte. Y yo, puedo estar tranquilo en mi nuevo conocimiento que no hay dinero para ser ganado por escrito una mierda.

Day 18 - Molly

You've seen my dog Oliver, now here's my cat Molly

the daily swim 18

Back in the (happy) groove. A swim, 40 mins on the beach, prawns the size of a baby's arm for dinner tonight, and a chilled bottle of champagne with my name on it.

The Man said, of yesterday's rat event, 'It could have crawled up on the bed and bitten one of us. It might have had rabies.' I guess he has a point. It was small-ish though. Had the look of one of those long and lean alley rats from Disney films. Really long tail. But I'm not a live rat fan so I kept the cat in last night which meant three in the bed and I got the least room.

Two more days of kid-zone, but I am also very proud of him because he ate snails last night for the first time. And a lot of kids wouldn't have even tried.

There was a very scary face just before this stage, and another one when he first put it in his mouth. But he ate it anyway. Good kid. I doubt I'd have done the same at 7.

Mitzi On the Move

Today a young woman and her late middle-age parents were bustling about the apartment complex - she has bought a place is and was showing the folks around. They were all very excited, except for not having the right key to the gym.

Early in today's jog I therefore hopped of the 'mill to let the newcomers into the gym. They looked around while I kept on keeping on until 3.93 k's elapsed under my feet. I am very into the number 3 at present, as my performance-presentation is about a character in Finnegans Wake whose symbol is the triangle. 

Today's distance was thumped along in 36 minutes (adding to the 3-ness) including a "cool down", so it's nice to know that if wanted to do a serious distance like 5 K's, it's not too far off.

Today I listened to Indigo Girls' album Become You, an old favourite. Mellow tunes, great rhymes, subdued angst and hymnal qualities. Happy weekend, all.