Sunday, 10 July 2011

During these amazingly exciting 30 days, I will be taking photos 30 minutes a day and choose my favourite one out of them to post on the blog.

Dave's 30 day gruel

"More, you want MORE!!?"
This was the abuse hurled to a young Oliver's request for more gruel at the slophouse.
Well, my gruel is going to be less sloppy and more 20th century! Jogging, glorious jogging!
I pay so much to carry a gym card in my wallet, once I was cool enough to have two.
Well now I want to jog for 30 days, outside my flat, come rain or rain in the London summer, perhaps before work once I am in the swing of things!

Day 1 is Tuesday and I am ready to meet my Fagan!

Bob's goal

I always tell my English students that if they want to improve their English, they need to write in English.

I want to improve my Spanish. So I'm going to write a page of Spanish every day, just crap journal writing, not really sure what it'll be about, but it will be in Spanish and I will make tons of mistakes. But it'll be up. Feel free to correct it in the comments.

Hasta el martes.

30 Days — T-2 (the concept)

Here's the deal. I saw this Matt Cutts talk on and want to make it happen.

This is a group blog. We're going to try something new (or get into the habit of something old, or maybe NOT do something) for 30 days starting 12 July 2012. Anyone can play, just send me a message to join in. If you want, post what you do for the next 30 days. No pressure, no judgments, just a record of what we accomplish.