Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Christ, you know it aint easy...

OK, so now we all have a mental image of Jesus on an exercise bike...
I have to admit that I "fell off" at the weekend and missed Saturday and only just got my 30 minutes on Sunday in two hits. (Busy time Chez Dinahmow)
And I'm struggling  this week. Just some silly little viral thing, but it seems to kick my asthma up a notch, damn it!
But I count yard work and a brisk walk in with 20 minutes of the bike. Oh! Did I mention the tension? Yes, I've upped the ante a little and from where I sit, that counts, too!
So...Tuesday was 30 minutes and I aim for that again today.
Now I have to lift another sack of potting mix out of my car and onto the bench.But I think I'll ask for help to move the potted rose!