Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 10 - Done Yoga

Today I actually did say to myself, I feel bad, I should do yoga.  And so I did.  I can't say as I necessarily feel better for it, but I'm still glad I did it.  How much worse would I feel if I hadn't done it?

I rested again during the more intense parts, but not as often. 

So, yoga is done for the day.  I never did yoga last night before bed and I don't see myself doing it tonight, but we'll see.


Mitzicryptic Day August 24

Tackling cryptic xwords is a humbling pastime, because I reckon there are word nerds out there who must fly through it in a "Harry initially joined curry" (hurry).

Hence, I should not be mortified when I can only get 2.5 clues out of 3; well, I'm 99% sure of my aptness for number 3, but there's that doubtful niggle.

Q Captain has terrible blue about nearly a hundred in cell (7)
A Century
(cricket term - 100 runs; a "blue" in Aussie slang is a fight/row, ie fury (rhymes with tury....I think I got there: I'm suspicious of the "nearly a hundred" part - which refers to "ce" in cell, but could be something I've missed.)

The next two are worry free!

Q Twin flags reveal flexibility of principles. (6, 9)
(I was quite proud of this one.)

Q Diplomacy of South American City read to those misbehaving badly (4, 3)
A Riot Act
... I was up late in bed counting off on my fingers all the South American cities I know; Rio got me there (my baby must have smiled at me...) and I still didn't even see the "diplomacy" part until now (tact, joining Rio to Act.)

There are a few more clues where I annoyingly felt I was a third or two thirds of the way to the correct answer: and the frustration can be agonising*. This is why one shouldn't attempt cryptic xwords around breakable glass or grindable teeth, and perhaps taking up yoga would provide the ultimate calming effect?
*exhilirating, you know I love it.