Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 16 - You Guessed It

Ack!  Yep, here I am with another "I did it" report.  Whoopee! 

Today's yoga was infused with a bit of extra energy.  I read an article that INFURIATED me.  I wrote about it, which calmed me down, but I was still mad when I did the yoga.  I'm still mad even now.  But Meghan (the oh so cute, I wanna be a princess just like her when I grow up) yoga chick says in the PM video, "Can't think about anything else (when you're trying to balance)", and ya know, she's right.  I about fell over a couple of times today because I have the balance of a two year old.  Fighting gravity took my mind off the stupid people in the article I read, if only for a moment. 

I'll be back tomorrow with another I did it report-- bet you're on the edge of your seats for that one! ;-)