Friday, 12 August 2011

the daily swim 30

Didn't swim naked. Or in champagne. But I did swim out to the buoys where the water is really really deep (with my noodle). And because we still have guests who want to go down the beach every day it doesn't feel like an end to the project yet. I'll have one day next week - Tuesday - when I'll be on my own, just before we drive back to the UK, so I might make that my 'last official swim'. And that means the next few days can be my catch up days for the ones I missed.

It's been an enjoyable discipline, an exercise in being aware, and fun too.  I think there also might be some material in my posts that I can use for poems/short prose pieces. So that was an unexpected gift.

I won't make round 2 in August but will pop in to see everyone and find out what you're all doing.


30 Day Challenge Wrap Up

I'm glad Bob requested a wrap up because I like to blab.  ;-)

Really though I do want to thank each of you for sharing your stories and a bit of your lives over the last 30 days.

I think that's what I enjoyed the most-- getting to see bits of the world through the eyes (words) of others.

As for my challenge, I struggled at points with wanting to carry on, to keep going.  If it weren't for the accountability of this blog I would have quit long ago.  So that's another thing I liked about the challenge-- the accountability. 

Which is why I'm signing up for round 2 beginning August 15.  My dog and I walk anywhere from 2-6 miles a day, but it's not enough exercise.  Or rather, it's not the right kind of exercise.  So I've been doing yoga-- sometimes.  I feel really good when I get done (much better than I do after our walks) but I don't do it consistently.  So, yes, you guessed it, my next 30 day challenge is to do yoga everyday.  I need the accountability and this is a great place to be accountable. 

Again, thank you for the experience.  I hope to see all of you back on the 15th.




Y la primera ronda llega a su fin.

Espero que todos hayan tenido un buen momento como lo he hecho. Ha habido tantas cosas sorprendentes que han salido de este proyecto. Gracias a todos los que jugó.

Para mí, lo mejor es saltar a una idea y pegarse con él. No importa si lo hiciera cada día, sólo el hecho de que la gente tiene la costumbre de meterse en un hábito (o el reconocimiento de cómo fijamos nuestras metas y si están o no realmente alcanzable).

Felicidades a todos!


I hope that all have had a good a time as I have. There has been so much amazing stuff to have come out of this project. Thank you to everyone who played.

For me, the best thing was jumping on to an idea and sticking with it. It doesn't matter if you did it every day, just the fact that people got into the habit of getting into a habit (or recognizing how we set our goals and whether or not they're actually achievable).

Congratulations to all!!!

I definitely want to do this again. I even am pretty sure that I know what my next 30 days will be. And, it will be in English!

Round 2 starts on Monday, 15 August.

I hope you can play … if not this time, then for Round 3!

Thanks again everyone. I’m so grateful to everyone for making this happen. I'd love it if you posted wrap-up:: what (if anything) did you learn from this? What did you enjoy most? Etc.

technical difficulites

I tried to post this last night, but Blogger wouldn't let me in ..


Uno de los clases de línea que enseño está terminado y he estado recibiendo muchos trabajos de leer.

Y, desde hace un par de días, yo era adicto a las noticias ... sobre todo para ver si mi barrio estaba a punto de estallar. Nada pasó acerca de aquí. Ya.

Y, he estado haciendo un montón de deberes para mi clase de español, por lo que he escrito ha ... simplemente no vale la pena poner aquí. No es que esto vale la pena poner aquí.

Recuerde que el taller de novela que presentó a? Ella puso un cartel fecha límite para el mundo, así que no creo que ella tiene todo lo que muchas de las aportaciones. Lo que significa que es probable que entrar miedo. Pero si nadie presentó y yo elegimos llegar, ¿qué dice eso acerca de la realización de mi trabajo? ¿El grupo es bueno?

Mírame a mí. Preocuparse por los puentes sin construir. Otra vez.