Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Catching up...

Our house full of 25 people this weekend was really really fun, and I probably spent 30 minutes each day TAKING pictures, which is not the same as ORGANIZING pictures, but I'm going to count it anyway. One of my resolutions is to be more gentle with myself.

Last night I organized the photos from July, and I plan to sort through and find all of the best ones today, then post them for my family/friends to enjoy.

This week is also my opportunity to get rid of all of the clutter that I have moved to my garage. I'm going to try some combinations of Once Upon a Child, a garage sale, and donation to get rid of it all. I have a compulsive need to go through each box and make sure that every piece of the puzzle or game is there, because I know it would drive me insane to find a puzzle piece later on that goes to a puzzle that I no longer have. Maddening! So, I have some puzzles to do! Luckily they are all for kids younger than 5, so I shouldn't have too much trouble.

We have another gathering of 25 people this weekend, though we're swapping one family for another, the rest of the group will be the same. I'm looking forward to it!

The Daily Jog

Exciting to know we have scaled the 27 day cliff-face. I wonder what will occur beyond the 30 day horizon? Will there be 30 Days Mark 2? Or 30 Days redux?

Whatever happens, it's as good to "let go" as it is to "hold on for one more day", Wilson Phillips style.

Today I used my new 7-km distance legs to jog a sensible 4km - not too crazy lengthy, but a serious jaunt. I know I need to stretch more. My right thigh keeps asking "why? why?"

I am quite looking forward to adding swimming to my exercise pattern, such as it is.

the daily swim 27

Someone stole my noodle. Okay, they 'borrowed' it. But they 'borrowed' it without asking. All day. Teenagers. Okay, they're not looting the local boulangerie, but there's still something about them that irritates me.

The Man says, 'How can you get annoyed about a bit of foam?' And I remind him how pissed off he was last week when his daughter ate his Galaxy chocolate.

appreciation of childless state reinforced
one grumpy 16 year old
lovely noodle session late yesterday afternoon

Day 28 - Mushroom