Sunday, 10 July 2011

30 Days — T-2 (the concept)

Here's the deal. I saw this Matt Cutts talk on and want to make it happen.

This is a group blog. We're going to try something new (or get into the habit of something old, or maybe NOT do something) for 30 days starting 12 July 2012. Anyone can play, just send me a message to join in. If you want, post what you do for the next 30 days. No pressure, no judgments, just a record of what we accomplish.


kaleba said...

Having trouble with the "send me a message to join in" link because of my email program. But I want in! Please? Read about this on DaisyFae's Trailer Park Refuge blog.

I read another blog today that coincidentally enough had another TED video. This one was about play. So, my 30 challenge for myself is to take a photo everyday. To me this is combining your challenge with the other TED video's challenge to incorporate more play in life.

I'm going to write about this on my own blog (, but if you let me into your challenge I'll post here how I'm doing.

Best wishes on meeting your challenge! =)

teri said...

I applaud your 30 day challenge. My first 30 day challenge was writing small stones with Fiona over on WOWH - I have done several more month long challenges since then... And as Matt said in the video I have found I can do anything for a month. Congrats on being over half way through- what will you do for your next challenge? :-)