Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 7 - Last Minute Yoga

Getting the yoga in for the day just under the wire once again.  This time it's because I've been working, not because I've been slacking. ;-)

A week in and other than feeling better when I'm done I don't notice any more flexibility or balance.  The feeling better and stress relief is definitely worth the effort, so even though we're only a week into the challenge I can definitely see that I'll be keeping this up well after this current challenge ends. 

Ok, shower time, then I'm off to write the next Great American Novel. (ha ha ha)  Namaste.

Operation "Arm Flaps" - Week 1 Wrap up

Managed to complete the push-up challenge for week 1, which was 3 workouts (M, W, F). Stuck in abdominal/core operations T, Th... but failed on Saturday because i was out of town farting around (not an excuse, really).

Only did the extra arm work on M, which needs to change. And the ab/core work is quite necessary - as i'm feeling the crunch of the crunch, and know that i'm weak in the midsection.

So i'll give myself a grade of B- for Week 1. i can do better.

Circumference of Arm Flaps: 13 5/8" / 34 1/2 cm

Potentially a loss of 3/8", or 1.5 cm - but this could be within the measurement error. Expect to not see something substantial until the end of Week 4. But slow and steady...

and yes. i know that's an ugly tank top. i'm doing laundry, alright?

Let the running commence...

New goal is to run at least 5K every day. So far, so good. I used to run 5M a day, but I haven't done that in almost a year, so I'm very happy with 5K. I ran it VERY slowly, so my goal will simply to be run faster, not run farther. I always get into the trap of running farther, but that takes longer and eventually I get to the point where I can't dedicate as much time to it as it requires. This time, I'm going to try to make it take less and less time instead. That's more efficient, right?

I feel good. My ankles and calves are sore, as they always are when I start up. That should go away in a week. The soles of my feet are pretty tender right now (I run barefoot), so I'm stuck on the treadmill, but once they toughen up I'll head outside... hopefully before the weather gets too nasty. We have nice golf cart paths I can run on here.

Here's to the happiness that running brings me!