Sunday, 7 August 2011

the daily swim 25 & 26

I have a noodle. Today I just noodled around in the bay for 45 mins. I even went way out of my depth. I love my blue noodle. I wish I'd found out about them earlier but I can see an overspill of the 30 day project now I do have one.

Day 27 - Festival


Finding my jogging friend yesterday was a challenge. I was only familiar with the southern end of the circuit. Now I know the whole lot, all 7k's of it. With only four or so "recovery walk" intervals, we jogged most of the way. The Bay Run is spectacular. The surrounding traffic on one side turns out to be not so bad, as most of the circuit is bordered by parks, sports fields, fine architecture and rowing clubs. The final leg is a wonderful pedestrian and bike bridge.

I'm not sore at all after yesterday's effort and the 4.25 I managed the day before.

It's a lot easier to run a sizeable distance when you can see it physically in front of you. It means you can't stop until you get back to your car. In true Mitzi style we celebrated the triumph with coffee and cannoli at a fabulous Pasticceria in Haberfield.

Day 26 - Beetle Leg

I had decided to take a day off from the 30 day challenge because I was visiting with friends and family, and then traveling, but then I saw this beetle (a Japanese beetle?).  Oliver and I were strolling the sidewalk of my mom's neighborhood and came across a beetle working its way through a leaf.  I got close to it to see if I could actually see it eating, and when I did so it stuck its leg up in the air like an antennae.  It was so funny looking sitting there with a leg raised that I wanted a picture.  Unfortunately my cell phone camera doesn't take good close up shots, so you can't see the beetle well, or its leg jutting into the air.  Nonetheless, here's the pic; and at least I met the day's challenge, even if I'd originally decided not to.

Otro sábado por la noche.

¿Es esto lo que Cat Stevens cantaron?

Tengo que recordar escribir en el día, y no antes quiero acostarse.

Otra vez, estoy tonto.

Un bueno día aquí. Me levanté tarde esta mañana, y entonces yo corrí ocho millas. Hice algunos trabajos, no demasiado, y luego puso en orden el apartamente.

Uno de nuestros amigos vinieron a tomar una copa, y luego nos fuimos a cenar (el restaurante era un poco decepcionante - no es horrible, pero no excepcional). Entonces, algunas bebidas en uno de mis bares favoritos, y ahora estoy en casa.

Divertemente, pero un poco aburrido tambien. En los viejos tiempos, yo estaría a bailar y coquetear ahora, no tratando de conjugar los verbos en español.

Mañana = una más correr (un poco más corto y un poco más rapido); más trabajo (¿cuándo va a terminar el trabajo?); y entonces un masaje a las 4:30. Tengo el mejor masajista, se llama John. Me casaría con él. Pero supongo eso sería complicado.

Cada vez que termina conmigo, él me dice, "me toca a mí". Si yo no estaba tan relajado cuando terminó, me lo llevaría hasta su oferta.