Monday, 15 August 2011

Cryptically Mitzi, Day 1

For 30 Days Challenge Round 2 I am going to (gulp) attempt an intellectual rather than physical feat. I am going to attempt to solve three cryptic crossword clues per day. Earlier in the year I made it my mission to make the 2010s-20s the "Decade of the Cryptic", as it's a long-term goal that I know I can only reach slowly and painfully.

Over the months, my cryptic skills have improved microscopically but noticeably, so I thought I would sneak some into the 30 day shebang, to keep my crypticise regular.

I will need to be organised. Every Monday, usually, I get the SMH newspaper with the "Omega" crossword. It's a ritual commenced when living with my parents as an adult between bouts of wishful independence. So, here I am, a tentative crossword junkie on the make. If I don't buy the newspaper daily, it's no hardship: I plan to hang on to each attempted cryptic crossword puzzle and check on results the next day ... the system is still under construction.

By the way, the Monday Omega seems somehow easier or more accessible than the daily puzzle. It's because cryptic clues are mixed in with regular clues, so you have more of a chance of getting some letters down to help you.

Here's Day 1. I won't know if I'm correct until next Monday.
47 Across: ?Those taking part in audition?
A: Listeners

(it's not so cryptic, but fits in with surrounding letters...)

31 Across: ?Cheese is sharp for the most part?
A: Brie

(I may well be incorrect, but the letters R and E where provided, and I like Brie, so nyah. Also, it sounds likes brief, so brief is the "most part" of a word?)

29 Across: ?Identify nucleus of neat plan?
A: ions

(The letter I was provided; The "n" and "p" could stand for positive and negative, which relate to the ions in a nucleus, if faded memories of Year 9 science class serve me well.)


SOMSmom said...

Yikes! I would be a gigantic failure at that task.

At least it's a fun one though, right? Or maddening?


bob said...

I don't get cryptic crosswords at all. I'm okay with the regular ones (used to do the NY Times on a regular basis ... have only finished the Sunday one on occasion). A great habit to get back into!

dinahmow said...

SMH..that's Sydney Morning Herald, I think? I can't join you in that as the local store doesn't have it. But I do get the Australian on Saturday and I'm pretty sure they'll have a page of "cusswords."
So, along with my 30 minutes on the bike I'll join Mitzi in cryptic clues. Maybe even while I pedal?

Girly said...

I have no idea what a cryptic crossword is - but it sounds like a really fun challenge!

daisyfae said...

this is going to be interesting to track... i might learn a little something, too!

Gnu Kid said...

you're a braver woman than i am. [pausing for reaction] yeah, cryptics bend my brain a bit too much. so, all the more reason to cheer you on. rock it!