Monday, 15 August 2011

Success and Continuing

wow. what an adventure. i'd forgotten how wonderful it was to sit down and read a book. now, admittedly, i did have a few excellent suggestions on what books to read, so that made it worlds easier to accomplish the reading challenge.

even though there were a few days i didn't make my 30 minutes reading challenge, i still declare victory. three books, plus bits and pieces of three other books. and still a taste...a continue reading. that is the essence of the challenge.

the sleep? not so well with that challenge, but glimmers of hope. will continue to pursue a full seven hours a night, plus try and do so with a reasonable (ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!) bedtime.

and, absolutely, i want to continue. i will continue to work at last month's challenges. but a new one is surely required.

next 30 day challenge? i will reconnect with 30 people who have been otherwise 'lost' in my life of late. people who are in my thoughts, but not recently in my e-mail, snail mail, voice mail. make the effort to let them know i care and hope they are doing well.

most of those will be family. after my divorce, i sort of withdrew from my family, spread across the country, in favor of my virtual local family comprised of good friends and colleagues. while my 'new' family is important to me, i still wish to reconnect to my true, blood family.

some will be friends. people i've crossed paths with in the past who have changed my perspective on life or otherwise been important to me. a man, for example, who was a work colleague and a include being best man...yet i've lost touch with him (or him, me...but that's not important) and want to at least reach out.

the notional challenge will be one person a day, but reality will be (due to upcoming vacation adventures), that i will likely double or treble up a few days.

accountability? indirect. i won't be posting on each person i reconnect with, but give an overall impression on how things are going.

and to those continuing with a new challenge, plus those new to this challenge? good luck and see you on the blog!


SOMSmom said...

Yes, you tasted victory!

What a wonderful idea to reconnect with people. I'm looking forward to reading how it goes.

Glad you'll be here for round 2!

daisyfae said...

this is pretty brilliant. so many regrets are built on the "damn, i shoulda called him before..."

excited to see what sort of connections you rekindle along the way...

dinahmow said...

That's a brave one. But a worthy one.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Great idea, Gnuckles. Go get 'em!

Gnu Kid said...

@SOMSmom - glad to be back and glad you're still here, too. this one will be tough, but i'm gonna give it my best.
@daisyfae - we'll see who responds. and, yeah, i'm hoping i don't run into any "damn, i was too late" moments.
@dinahmow - thank you [deep breath]. i, too, think this'll require a bit of bravery on my part. helps to have your affirmation of that.
@mitzi - yay! you're here again! makes me smile. and i did start tonight. reached out, anyway. we'll see what comes back.